03 2001 2009 0737Why Cowan Chiropractic?

For over four decades, the Cowan Chiropractic Clinic has delivered a sensible, proactive approach to preventative spinal health care and fitness with a program of spinal adjustments, targeted stretching, and core exercise. We also offer massage, orthotics, nutritional supplements and classes in healthy living, such as body detoxification, proper eating habits, weight management, smoking cessation, and stress control. The care you receive here is designed to keep you healthy and prevent chronic conditions from occurring. With chiropractic care and good lifestyle choices, life should be like a candle, burning brightly to the very end, flickering once or twice and then going out. It should not be, as one author said, "Just one damn thing after another." Prevention and good lifestyle choices will decrease the incidence of sickness and disease and dramatically lower the cost of your health care!

The Doctors'

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Dr. John Stephen Cowan

Dr. Cody Senkyr

Dr. Kurt Jacobsen